About Neurofeedback

What is Neurofeedback?

NeurOptimal®’s EEG biofeedback or neurofeedback system is a powerful technology that can greatly enhance your well-being and help you get the most out of life. Brain training can unlock untapped cognitive potential and help you achieve long-held goals and dreams.  


Biofeedback has been around for almost 40 years, but its practical use was inhibited by the scarcity of a practical delivery system. In the past, a neurofeedback interface would require a room full of computers and technicians. Today, Zengar Institute, Inc. has created a simple, interactive software that harnesses this powerful technology in an easyto-use program called NeurOptimal® that loads onto a laptop computer.   


Because neurofeedback has been time-tested, it is also very safe. Respected institutions such as the U.S. FDA and the American Academy of Pediatrics have endorsed neurofeedback. 

How does it work?

The NeurOptimal® proprietary neurofeedback system is a highly personalized brain training software that prompts the central nervous system to help make the best use of your brain’s neural resources.  


Neurofeedback training for the brain is similar to physical training for the body. Much of our suffering comes from pervasive recurring thoughts and feelings in which our minds become emotionally stranded or cognitively “stuck”. Neurofeedback prompts the brain to draw from its existing resources and pull itself out of these mental “ruts”.  The result is a more open and positive mindset in which obstacles are more manageable and problems more resolvable.  


Much like a mirror that promotes self-correction, NeurOptimal®’s proprietary neurofeedback program monitors your brain waves and then provides “feedback” to your central nervous system about what it has just done. When the software detects a tremor in your brain wave pattern, it sends an audible signal that encourages the brain to “reset” and self-correct.  


What can Neurofeedback help?

Sports Performance

School/Work Performance

Concussion Recovery

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Recovery

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder 




A.D.D. and A.D.H.D


Mood Disorders

Eating Disorders

Chemo Brain

And more!

The reason that NeurOptimal® neurofeedback is so effective for such a wide range of issues is that it is always doing the same thing for each person.  As NeurOptimal® detects inefficient communication from the brain and the central nervous system, it will show the brain what had just happened.  Once the brain is able to see this message, it now has the information it needs to make the adjustments needed to work more efficiently.  


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